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Who we are

The SAQ sections

The 11 sections of the SAQ are the regional hubs for the personal exchange of experience through events, lectures and visits.


The Technical Groups SAQ

Current specialist groups exist for information technology, medical technology and health care.


Certificates for experts

Personal certifications make theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge skills visible, transparent and internationally comparable. A SAQ certificate identifies the person as an expert in his or her professional activity.

Client Advisor Bank


Together with our partners, we certify a series of programmes in the field of IT.

Quality Management


SAQ Certificate Board of Directors

The SAQ certificate and the internationally recognised AKAD course offer security and skills for qualified work in an SME board of directors.

Corporate Communications

The SAQ certificate identifies experienced communication experts in strategy, consulting and leadership, regardless of their educational and training background

Social Media & digital Marketing

As holders of the SAQ Personal Certificate Social Media and Digital Marketing would like to refresh and deepen your knowledge in these areas.

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