The certificates are valid for three years. To renew the certificate, the certificate holder must complete recertification measures recognised by SAQ and submit the application for recertification to SAQ three months before the certificate expires at the earliest. SAQ reviews the application and, if all criteria for recertification are fulfilled, issues a new certificate whichis valid for another 3 years.


Maintain and secure your professional expertise and boost your clients’ confidence in you as an advisory specialist.

Follow the instructions in “Step by step to a successful recertification”, which is also available as a downloadable leaflet.

Requirements for recertification

Certificate holders are employed by a financial institution at the time of recertification.

They have or participate in a client book in the segment relating to the certificate to be renewed or work independently for clients as a specialist and are in direct contact with those clients.

Attendance of duly accredited recertification measures.

An individual application for recertification costs CHF 190.

Recertification measures

The recertification measures are recognised by SAQ and are identified as such by SAQ codes. There are a variety of possible recertification measures:

Recognised recertification training amounting to 24 hours of study

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These 24 hours of study can be completed in one or more different trainings. They can also be combined with other recertification measures (such as the expert assignments). The 24 hours of study must cover the subject areas of “Industry knowledge” and “Rules of conduct”. The rules of conduct reflect FinSA articles 7 to 20.

SAQ has divided the trainings into “Industry knowledge”, “Conduct” or “combined measures”. The category is identified by the SAQ code. The last 4 digits indicate the category of the training/measure:

  • Final digits “1XXX” = Industry knowledge
  • Final digits “2XXX” = Conduct
  • Final digits “3XXX” = combined measure (industry knowledge and conduct).

For a recertification measure to be deemed complete, the following requirements must be met:

  • Trainings are recognized by SAQ
  • Trainings are approved for the renewal of the certification programme respective
  • The completed training must cover at least 24 hours of study
  • A combination of trainings has been completed, covering conduct as well as industry knowledge
  • The trainings were attended entirely within the duration of the certificate

Supervised recertification exam

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The examination covers subject areas of the respective certification programmes. The duration and number of questions are specific to each programme:

Certified Wealth Management Advisor CWMA 80 questions in 160min.
Advisor Private Clients 40 questions in 80min.
Advisor Individual Clients 50 questions in 100min.
Advisor SME Clients 80 questions in 200min.
Certified Corporate Banker CCoB 80 questions in 200min.
Advisor Affluent Clients 80 questions in 160min.

A pass at the exam is achieved with a score of 70%.

Assignments as examination experts

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The examination and assessment of 3 candidates for the oral examination counts as 8 hours of study. For 6 or 9 candidates, 16 or 24 hours of study counted respectively.

Only the units listed above can be submitted. Individual parts thereof are not counted separately. Expert assignments must be executed within the segment of the recertification desired.

Assignments as trainers for accredited recertification trainings

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Assignment as trainer for accredited recertification trainings in the segment in which recertification is sought.


If you no longer meet the certification requirements, the certificate held becomes immediately invalid (e.g. you leave an eligible role). The certificate can be reactivated at a later date. You will find all information on reactivation in the "Reactivation Guidelines" and the "Reactivation Application".



Leaflet Recertification PDF (179.4 kB)
Overview of providers of recertification measures PDF (200.1 kB)

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