Setting a benchmark for the industry

Swissness, quality and values are the driving forces behind the success of Swiss SMEs and large companies with their headquarters and management in Switzerland. The majority of senior managers in the industry agree on what this means. The new Swissness Act has been in force since 2017. The Swissness legislation strengthens the protection of the Swiss name and the Swiss cross. It guarantees clear rules for the use of indications of Swiss origin for advertising purposes. In the absence of legal regulations, a common understanding has been reached.

It seems that this is different for human capital. Here, the common vision has unravelled, especially when it comes to continuing education and trainings or qualifications. Large companies are creating their own professional systems and training courses, for example in medical product technology or the pharmaceutical industry. Similarly in the field of quality and operational excellence, various uncoordinated training courses flourish at universities and continuing education centres.

Instead of competing for the best talent, it should be fertilised. It would be desirable and beneficial for applicants if industries could agree on a common solution in their field. Even if there are different courses, a uniform examination according to agreed standards would be possible.

The SAQ Swiss association for quality offers such an examination system with its certificates. The certificate of persons (also known as certification of competence) creates transparency, comparability and mutual recognition, while leaving companies and training institutions free to decide on the formats and delivery of their training courses. Passing the examination provides a benchmark for the entire sector and the basis for a global exchange of personnel. A certificate motivates further vocational training and at the same time is a considerable asset for the career planning of employees.

Personnal certifications Client Advisor Bank

The SAQ has the expertise and accreditation to work with industry players to develop and verify the specific requirements for certificates of persons.
The certification of persons "Bank Client Advisor", originally initiated in 2011 by a major Swiss banking institution in collaboration with the SAQ, is now promoted by the banking sector and recommended by the Swiss Bankers Association.

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