Using community experience

Adapting, becoming agile, integrating new technologies, adapting operating methods, assessing risks, regularly questioning business models are some of the challenges facing companies today. Is this new? No. Changes have always taken place. Whether in the world of work, where technologically obsolete jobs have disappeared, or in the business world, for example with new regulatory requirements. What has changed, however, is the speed of change. The challenge is to keep up with change without jumping to conclusions.

The task of management is to keep abreast of major changes in their industry and in the competitive environment. However, trend analysis and intuition are not enough to make consistent decisions for your own business. This requires data and facts about the likely impact of the new rules of the game on the entire work process. Only the employees directly concerned can provide these concrete elements. In the course of their daily work and thanks to feedback from upstream and downstream functions, they quickly grasp the direct and indirect effects of changes of all kinds.

The value of this practical experience can only be realised if instruments are put in place to enable and promote an open dialogue between management and specialist staff. This includes encouraging its experts to participate in professional networks within and outside the company. This makes it possible to identify trends and best practices in relation to what is being done in other companies and other sectors, and to transfer and acquire practical knowledge.

As part of its activities, the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality has been encouraging and supporting groups of specialists from industry, the service sector and universities for many years. We wish to encourage our SME members to motivate their specialists to actively participate in and benefit from the SAQ's community of experts.

As part of its activities, the SAQ supports groups of specialists in the fields of medical products, health, watchmaking and seven working groups in the IT field. SAQ makes its website available as an online platform and supports the preparation and dissemination of thematic dossiers that benefit the entire community of members.

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