Winning Teams

The annual cost to the Swiss economy of absenteeism is estimated at CHF 4.2 billion. For a company with around 60 employees, the annual cost of absenteeism is estimated at 160,000 francs. The consequences of presenteeism for productivity and its costs can be even greater than those of absenteeism. This term, which originated in the United States, refers in a narrow sense to the behaviour of employees to work despite illness or accident without providing the services expected for the function performed. Today, the phenomenon of presenteeism is mainly associated with demotivation.

How can we ensure that employees fully engage themselves and their skills in the company, work together and that their full potential is realised? Companies that succeed in forming winning teams with their employees will be better equipped to meet the challenges of the future. To this end, various management models have been developed in recent years, which are briefly described below.

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